Our incentive programs are designed to expand both the County’s and your company’s return on investment

Orange County is committed to creating a business climate that’s attractive to new businesses, and supports the sustained growth and success of existing ones.

Incentive programs play an important part in achieving this goal, and a wide variety of options at the state, local and regional levels mean that if you have a need, we probably have a program that can help you meet it.

Orange County will take the time to understand your goals and deliver a customized incentive plan designed to achieve them.


Specialized programs for technology and industrial development investments

The State of Indiana aggressively supports advanced manufacturing and other technical expansions and relocations. The Orange County team can help you apply for this funding and make you aware of other grant options for which you may be eligible.

21st Century Research and Technology Fund

  • Created to diversify State’s economy
  • Helps develop and commercialize advanced technologies
  • Awards approved by a board made up of academic and commercial representatives

Industrial Development Grant Fund (IDGF)

  • Funds off-site infrastructure projects that help expand an existing Indiana company or support location of a new facility
  • Grant provides money to local governments who then fund projects
  • State IDGF funding must be matched by a combination of local government and company financial support

Small Business Innovation Research Initiative and Small Business Technology Transfer Program (SBIR/STTR)

  • Sister programs that encourage small businesses to explore technological potential
  • Funding available through 11 participating agencies through the U.S.


Innovative loan programs can help meet your unique lending needs

Reliable, affordable funding is critical to the success of your expansion or relocation-especially in today’s challenging lending environment. Our loan programs are designed to help companies that might not meet traditional lending requirements or that offer unique value to Orange County.

Your Orange County project manager will help you apply for these programs and make you aware of other specialized loan programs for which your company may be eligible.

Tax-Exempt Bonds

  • Issued by state and local governmental entities
  • Created to benefit private, job-creating companies
  • Interest on bonds usually exempt from federal income taxes (for investors)
  • Interest rates to borrowers typically lower
  • Often called Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRBs) or Industrial Development Bonds (IDBs)

Loan Guaranty Program (Guaranteed by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC))

  • Helped fund over $84 million in loans
  • Provides a loan guaranty to the lender
  • Designed to benefit companies that create/retain a significant number of Indiana jobs in a high-growth/high-skill area including:
    • Manufacturing
    • Rural development
    • Value-added agriculture

Capital Access Program (CAP)

  • Designed to aid small businesses that might not meet conventional lending requirements
  • Creates a cash reserve fund for a lender to use as additional collateral for loans enrolled in the program

USDA Rural Development Loan Programs

Small Business Administration Loan Programs


Additional state and regional programs to foster investment and success

Both new and growing businesses can benefit from the breadth of special programs available Orange County.

Shovel Ready Certification

  • Certification program that qualifies sites as “ready for development”
  • Helps to speed site location and development
  • Provides competitive advantage for Indiana and drives job growth
  • To view Shovel Ready sites in the County, click on Available Properties.

Patent Tax Exemption

  • Allows tax exemptions for certain income derived from qualified patents (utility and plant)
  • Total annual exemptions claimed may not exceed $5 million

Regulatory Ombudsman

  • Assists companies in obtaining permits/approvals for business operation
  • Serves as a liaison between companies, communities, local economic development organizations and regulatory agencies

International Trade Show Assistance (TSAP)

  • Provides financial assistance for small Indiana businesses to participate in international trade shows
  • Encourages companies to explore overseas markets
  • Helps promote Indiana exports

Server Equipment Tax Exemption

  • Supports the attraction and growth of companies with large server operations
  • Server equipment is tax exempt


Our tax credits are an important reason why Forbes calls Indiana the best in the Midwest for cost of doing business.

Companies expanding or relocating to Orange County have a number of targeted tax credits available to them, designed to nurture and promote specific kinds of investment. Your Orange County project manager can help you determine those for which your company is eligible and help you apply for them.

“The community went out of their way to make this location work for us. They’ve pinpointed grants and tax abatements and held a job fair to expedite our hiring process. I’ve traveled and worked all over the country, and this area offers cooperation and support that you won’t find just anywhere.”

Jim Shelby
President, Pro Fab Custom Metals

Economic Development for a Growing Economy (EDGE) Tax Credit

  • Refundable tax credit
  • Rewards companies for creating jobs and contributing to the growth of Indiana’s economy
  • Credits calculated as a percentage of payroll tax withholding for net new Indiana jobs
  • Awarded for up to 10 years

Headquarters Relocation Tax Credit

  • Awarded to companies that locate their principal office of principal executives to Indiana
  • Credit against state tax liability equal to half of relocation costs
  • Must have annual worldwide revenue of $100 million+ to qualify

Hoosier Business Investment Tax Credit (HBITC)

  • Encourages capital investment by providing a credit against Indiana tax liability based on investment
  • Final credit amount determined by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, based on analysis of economic benefits of proposed investment

Industrial Recovery Tax Credit

  • Facilities requiring significant rehabilitation/remodeling-and designated as an industrial recovery site-may be eligible for tax credits
  • Credit calculated as a percentage of qualified rehabilitation expense

Venture Capital Investment Tax Credit

  • Improves access to capital for fast growing companies
  • Gives individual and corporate investors additional incentives to invest in early-stage companies
  • Provides credit against Indiana income tax liability to investors who provide qualified debt/equity capital to Indiana companies

Media Production Sales Tax Exemption (MPETC)

  • Established to grow the Indiana production industry
  • Tax credit up to 15% of amount spent in Indiana for qualified production expenditures.


Sustaining an Indiana hallmark: workforce excellence

Today’s dynamic, international economy demands a flexible workforce that’s committed to maintaining up-to-date skills. Our training reimbursement programs are an affordable way to help ensure that your company maintains a well-rounded competitive workforce.

Skills Enhancement Fund (SEF)

  • Financial assistance to businesses committed to workforce training
  • Trainees must be Indiana residents
  • Eligible expenses reimbursed over a two-year term; companies may reapply for additional assistance
  • Training required by law not typically reimbursed

Technology Enhancement Certification for Hoosiers (TECH)

  • Reimbursement grant program
  • Designed to help Indiana increase the number of information technology (IT) workers
  • Financial assistance for companies committed to expanding their IT employee base

Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA)

  • Community Development Block Grant Micro Enterprise Assistance Program: Eligible projects will be designed to assist micro-enterprise businesses owned by low- to moderate-income persons and/or microenterprise businesses that will create jobs for low- to moderate-income persons. Projects will provide training, technical assistance, and low interest loans for eligible applicants.
  • Community Development Block Grant Community Economic Development Fund: Eligible projects will be designed to assist businesses create new or retain existing jobs for low- to moderate income workers. Projects can be used for land purchases, construction or renovation of a building to accommodate a business, purchase of capital equipment, and provision of job training.

And learn more about our educational partnerships at local universities and technical colleges.