Hard-working, productive and committed workforce

Workforce excellence is one of the most commonly cited reasons for companies to locate or expand their business in Indiana. Across industries and job titles, Indiana has a well-earned reputation for providing some of the country’s most diligent and hard-working employees.

According to data reported by IEDC, Indiana is #1 in manufacturing productivity among major industrial states.

In addition, according to a survey of Indiana employers:

  • 95% rated their workers as Good or Excellent in productivity
  • 74% rated their workers as Good or Excellent in reading and writing competency
  • Absenteeism was rated Low; Turnover was rated Very Low.

And local employers within Orange County offer firsthand support for the high level of worker productivity suggested by this data:

Labor Force and Unemployment

Plentiful supply of labor within Region coupled with moderate unemployment rate.

The Eight-County South Central Indiana Region which includes Crawford, Daviss, Dubois, Greene, Lawrence, Martin, Orange, Washington have a labor force of 105,000, as shown in the table below. When combined with the labor shed from outside the Region but within a 30-minute commute, the labor shed grows by nearly half a million more.

Eight-County South Central Indiana
Region Labor Force and Unemployment
Labor Force Unemployed
2011 107,304 9,213
2012 105,713 9,733
2013 105,550 6,596

Source: Indiana Department of Workforce Development

Wages by Occupation

Get the most for your wage dollar with our below-average labor costs

Labor costs are usually one of the top considerations of relocating and expanding companies. Orange County delivers not only lower-than-average labor costs across occupations and skill levels, but also highly productive, committed employees who can help grow your business.

Occupational Title Mean Level Hourly Wage
Orange County U.S.
All (average of all) $20.94  $24.52
Construction and Extraction $20.06  $21.61
Installation, Maintenance and Repair $25.70  $23.81
Production $14.77  $17.74
Transportation and Material Moving $11.02  $14.84
Farming, Fishing and Forestry $10.22  $10.61
Computer and Mathematical $36.39  $39.01
Architecture and Engineering $21.06  $23.01
Life, Physical and Social Science $28.36  $30.56
Management $40.88  $45.88
Business and Financial Operations $23.06  $30.05
Legal Occupations $34.72  $54.58
Sales and Related $17.90  $24.45
Office and Administrative Support $13.42  $15.58
Healthcare and Technical $39.58  $43.25
Healthcare Support $13.17  $14.12
Protective Service $19.19  $26.57
Food Prep and Serving-Related $8.60  $8.78
Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance $10.91  $10.37
Personal Care and Service $8.78  $10.91

Average Weekly Wages

Competitive labor costs relative to rest of Indiana and other Midwestern States

Orange County is part of the South Central Indiana Region. As a group, employees in the South Central Indiana Region averaged $712.00/week, which are the lowest in the Midwest, more than 15% lower than those in the State of Indiana, and more than 28% lower than the US average.

Average Weekly Wage (1Q, 2013)
Average Weekly Wages
Average of Orange and Contiguous Counties $712.00
Indiana $832.00
Illinois $1,058.00
Iowa $799.00
Kentucky $791.00
Michigan $922.00
Minnesota $1,002.00
Ohio $884.00
Wisconsin $833.00
U.S. Average $989.00

Source: Indiana Workforce Development, Research & Analysis, Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, First Quarter, 2013 and Bureau of Labor Statistics (

Labor Availability

Cut business launch time and drive ongoing success with our ready supply of experienced labor

Your business can be up and running quickly-and efficiently-courtesy of our well-stocked labor pool. Orange County and the South Central Indiana Region offers thousands of employees, trained across a broad spectrum of manufacturing and related positions; the data below is a representative sample.

Assemblers (non-construction) 2761
Electrical and Electronic equipment assemblers 294
First-line supervisors or production and operation workers 364
Industrial truck and tractor operators 519
Machine operators (misc.) 937
Machine setters (misc.) 389
Production inspectors 164
Shipping and receiving clerks 159

Source: Indiana Workforce Development, Indiana Career Connect, March 30, 2009.
The search criteria used in this report included all applicants registered in the eight-county South Central Indiana Region for all occupations. Individual applicants are counted in their first occupation choice.

Further evidence of Orange County and South Central Indiana Region’s willingness to work is this: The Region’s workforce commutes on average 25.1 minutes to get to their jobs each day.

Numbers commuting into Orange County from surrounding counties.

Labor Conditions

One of the lowest levels of unionization in the Midwest

Indiana’s workforce is hardworking and stable. Formerly one of the most highly unionized states in the country, Indiana now has:

  • A long-term trend toward decreased union membership
  • Union membership levels consistent with the U.S. average
  • Lower union membership as a percentage of the workforce than five Midwestern states

Other indicators of workforce stability:

  • Indiana is a Right-to-Work state.
  • Orange County employers, employees and bargaining units work in unison to ensure a quality free work environment.
Indiana 10.2%
Illinois 16.3%
Michigan 16.8%
Minnesota 15.0%
Ohio 14.1%
Wisconsin 13.1%
US Average 12.4%