Exceptional transportation options speeds supply delivery and cuts time to market

Orange County’s transportation system includes SR 37, SR 337, SR 56, SR 145, providing north, south east and west access, one federal highway and easy access (45 minute drive) to two interstate highways, I-64 & I-65. . Orange County is home to several interstate/intrastate trucking firms and has 3 general aviation airports. French Lick Airport has 5,570 liner feet of paved runway and is expanding. Currently, corporate jets use the facility. Commercial air service is available in Louisville, KY – 49 miles south.

Orange County is located in South Central Indiana which offers additional transportation access

  • Interstate highways I-64 and I-65 are being joined by an expansion of I-69 to create a triangle of distribution throughout the Region
  • Three nearby international airports supplement two regional airports, and a half-dozen municipal airports to provide options for chartered and commercial air travel and freight transport
  • The Region is nestled into the Ohio River Valley, providing close proximity to three ports along the Ohio River
  • The Region is within 60 minutes of the International Carrier Hubs of United Parcel Service (UPS) and within 2 hours of FedEx

Continued investment in infrastructure
Orange County is in the midst of highway upgrades to Highways 37 and 150 with a completing link from SR 145 to I-64

Orange County complements transportation access 
Orange County location complements access to markets and suppliers that can increase your company’s advantage.

Major CityMileageApproximate Travel Time
Bloomington, IN471 Hour
Louisville, KY461 Hour
Indianapolis, IN1002 Hours
Cincinnati, OH1452.5 Hours
Nashville, TN2194 Hours
St. Louis, MO2424 Hours
Chicago, IL2735 Hours