County assets include plentiful, cost-effective access to utilities

Electricity is provided by Duke Energy, Orange County REMC/Hoosier Energy, and the Indiana Municipal Power Agency, depending on the specific location of the facility. Rates for industrial applications are lower than other states in the Midwest and significantly below the national average.

Orange County is served by Indiana Natural Gas Corporation. Commercial rates have historically been lower than the national average, and this gap has widened in recent years, making the county’s rates relatively more favorable.

Indiana has deregulated telecommunications in order to foster competitiveness among providers. At least four providers service Orange County, offering a broad range of fiber optic and other telecommunications services.

Three main providers offer water service to multiple areas within the County: Patoka Lake Regional Water and Sewer District, Dubois Water Service, and Posey Township Water Corporation. Remaining communities are served by other water utilities or local municipal water.


Industrial rates are well below the national average

Electricity costs are an important consideration for all relocating and expanding companies, especially for manufacturers and others that use large amounts of energy.

Indiana average electricity costs are very competitive compared to other states in the East North Central area-and also come in slightly below the national average.

Source: *Energy Information Administration December, 2013.


Duke Energy 
Provides electrical power generation, transmission and distribution services
Bruce Calloway, Regional Manager 

Hoosier Energy 

Provides generation and transmission services to local Rural Electric Membership Cooperatives (REMC)
Harold Gutzwiller, Senior Economic Development Coordinator

REMC within Orange County served by Hoosier Energy is:
Orange Co. REMC,
Dan Arnold, Manager

Indiana Municipal Power Agency,
Provides wholesale power to cities and towns who own and operate the municipal electric distribution systems in their communities.
Susan Reed, Manager Economic Development

IMPA member communities within Orange County include:
Paoli Municipal Electric,,
812-723-5919 (Orange County)


Multiple natural gas providers offer competitive service to County businesses

Orange County’s commercial natural gas prices have historically been lower than national averages and this gap has widened in recent years.

Cost of Natural Gas – Commercial
(Dollars per Thousand Cubic Feet)

US Average12.2310.069.478.918.1

Source: Energy Administration Information:

Natural Gas Providers
View a state map of the natural gas companies that make up the Indiana Energy Association or view a regional map of natural gas providers that are part of the Indiana Natural Gas Corporation.

The primary natural gas providers in Orange County include:
Indiana Natural Gas Corporation
Phil Ross 


Deregulation fosters competition among telecommunications providers

Indiana has deregulated telecommunications to encourage providers to compete for business. Orange County has several providers:


You may also conduct a search of broadband Internet providers by zip code through the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor.

New Wave
bizsupport@newwavecom.comBusiness phone 866-460-9283
Helix Technology 
Smithville Digital or 
Business phone 877-462-8188


Orange County is home to reliable and well-maintained water and sewer providers

Two main providers meet most of the county’s water needs:

Patoka Lake Regional Water and Sewer District
Patoka Lake Regional Water and Sewer provides the majority of the water to municipalities and also provides residential water in rural areas not served by others.
Bruce Heeke
2647 N. State Road 545
Dubois, IN 47527
812-678-5781 ext. 307

City of Mitchell – Water & Sewer Department
Fred Cassidy
407 S. 6th Street
Mitchell, IN  47446

Posey Township Water Corp.
136 East US 150
Hardinsburg, IN 47125

Remaining communities are served by other water utilities.

Sewage is served by local municipal sewer.

To see a detailed map of sewer districts, see the Indiana Regional Sewage District Association map.