There is no other place in the world that offers everything Orange County and South Central Indiana Region does.

A dynamic, thriving community of businesses, anchored by major employers and Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, provides more economic stability and opportunity than less diverse ecosystems.

The beautiful rolling hills of the rural landscape provide exceptional recreational opportunities and quiet, safe, small-town living, yet big-city amenities are within an hour’s drive for most people in Orange County.

Come experience Orange County and the South Central Indiana way of living:

  • cost of living 20% below the national average, with a wide variety of affordable housing
  • Access to quality healthcare, whether you need routine care or highly specialized treatment
  • Recreational opportunities like Patoka Lake and Hoosier National Forest, access to gaming at the French Lick Resort Casino, and much more
  • Safe, small towns
  • Median home costs that are about two-thirds lower than the national average and hold their value better than the national average