Find access to a full spectrum of business resources
right here in Orange County.

Your project manager will work with you one-on-one
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the specific resources your business requires.

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Guiding you through the first steps toward an effective start-up or expansion

Orange County boasts a number of unique partnerships and resources that can help you launch or expand your business. Your local Orange County contact will work with you to create a bundle of business planning resources customized specifically for you that might include:

  • Workshops and seminars addressing every stage of business development
  • Educational materials and tools to help you develop a business plan
  • Counseling by experienced business advisors and successful businesspeople
  • Ready access to information about setting up a business,
    licensing, and permitting
  • Training and low-interest loans for eligible businesses
  • Technology transfer and commercialization assistance

We’ll provide the scope of services that’s just right for you, by coordinating resources from these and other business planning assistance providers:

  • Indiana Economic Development Corporation
  • Indiana Once of Community and Rural Affairs
  • Indiana Small Business Development Center
  • Technology Transfer Program
  • Procurement Technical Assistance Program

Helping you access the factor most associated with long-term business success: capital

Affordable financing is critical to both new and expanding
businesses-especially in today’s economy. Orange County is uniquely qualified to create a funding strategy specifically suited to your business. We are up-to-date on the ever-changing state- and federal-level funding programs, and can also put you in touch with appropriate local, county, and regional funding sources, including:

  • Revolving loans
  • Tax-exempt bond
  • Loan guaranties
  • Credit enhancement
  • Grants
  • Surety bonds
  • Special purpose loans
  • Lender programs

Special assistance for early-stage companies

Orange County and area companies have access to a network of venture capital firms and angel investors to accelerate the growth of early-stage companies. This frequently updated list of angel investors and Indiana’s largest venture capital firms is an excellent place to find additional funding resources.

Check out the incentives section for more detailed information about grants, loans, tax credits, and other special programs.

A longstanding tradition of hands-on, effective workforce training

Orange County has roots in manufacturing industries, early on with the mining of natural resources, growing into more value-added manufacturing services and diversifying into advanced manufacturing, high-technology, and defense contracting.

This dynamic, proactive transition was made possible by nimble, effective workforce training to provide our hardworking labor force with the skills regional employers require. The Orange County team has established relationships with the technical and vocational schools, the colleges and universities, and educational resources serving the County. In particular, there is a Community Learning Center located in Orange County which provides customized business and industry training.

We have a toolbox filled with resources to help your company succeed. We take pride in relationship building as we want to ensure that businesses that are already located in Orange County have the ability and the will to retain or expand their business here. 

We are always looking at opportunities to attract businesses to our community as well. We have room to grow and we would be delighted to take any decision-maker on a tour of our community and visit available sites.

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